Almost all of us have bought something secondhand at some point in our life that seemed to work out just fine. However, the fear of embarrassment if someone finds out or the taboo of used products being unhygienic or damaged often stops us from using this alternative. Since we all have ingrained the cons of secondhand shopping, we challenge those by bringing 5 pros in the hopes of changing your opinion. Let the games begin:

1. Secondhand shopping is an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style.

You know what truly really upsets me? Bumping into an aunty wearing the same Khaadi outfit as me and pulling it off better (Not cool, Aunty). But obviously, such incidences are inevitable when you shop at popular stores.

With secondhand shopping, such incidences are taken care of and you gradually start to notice a unique sense of development in your wardrobe and style.


2. New Merchandise Arrives Almost Daily

Secondhand store, such as, get products on a weekly basis so the hunt for your one true love (I’m talking about shoes and clothes, Duh) is always different and new. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, chances are in a couple of days it might be present.

3. Much more Affordable

This one seems like an obvious one. But wait. There isn’t just one way you are spending less and its benefitting you. Let me count the ways:

i) On average, used items are generally 70 to 80% cheaper (especially at allowing you to save up for other important things. Like pizza.

ii) Lets admit it. We all have days when our creative side decides to come out and say, “Hi,” and we start thinking that we are the next Picasso. Do you know who is truly there by your side on such days? Secondhand stores. Since secondhand store items are so cheap, they allow us to make bold decisions with materials and let our creativity flow. I mean your heart will not sink much if you ruin a cheap secondhand pair of jeans. 
Which reminds me, I have been wanting to doodle on a pair of white shoes since forever but haven’t gotten the guts to actually do it yet (Yes, I admit it, I can be a chicken sometimes). Better check out if has any good deals in store for me.

iii) Is it just me or do you guys feel like wearing something that is totally not your style some times? Neon shoes. I mean, might as well do it if you can at a low cost. You only live once. Besides, if Lady Gaga can pull off an outfit made out of meat, you can pull off a pair of white jeans. No risk, No game, my friend.

    iv) This one is for all the moms and dads out there or older siblings who are like moms and dads (I feel your pain). Your child is growing. Very fast. Would it not be smarter to get used good quality products for them at half prices so you don’t have to feel bad about throwing it away after he/she has only worn it a couple of times?

    v) With secondhand shopping, you can say goodbye to regret of buying at impulse. We all have items that we have stuffed at the extreme end of our wardrobes but they come out every time we clean our wardrobe up to taunt us. As if we do not have enough things to worry about that we even keep stressing about the pair of jeans that makes us look fat or the pair of super expensive hideous shoes that we only bought because it was the “in thing” but never liked.


    4. Secondhand shopping is environment friendly.
    Okay, this one might seem a little far-fetched but it is very true. Think about it like this. We all start buying secondhand products, selling of big hotshots/companies decreases, factories shut down, pollution decreases! 
    Shop secondhand from and save pandas!


    5. It is a one stop shop that gives you an adventurous experience.
    So what if you’re scared of bungee jumping? Thrift shopping is no less exciting and adventurous than any other extreme sport. (I’m shocked they haven’t declared it as one yet).
    Just imagine having all your favourite things in one place. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well that’s what thrift stores are like. They’re a one-stop shop. It’s like you have entered the unknown. You can come across anything. And everything. (I will not be too shocked if someone ends up finding Big Foot in a thrift store). You can find items that are no longer made. You can find unique gifts. And do not take me lightly when I say, finding something antique or something that reminds you of your childhood can be as exhilarating as ‘Finding Nemo’. You may end up getting your hands on Khazanays that you’d never expected to.